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In 1991, she traded her boots for heels and became a civilian businesswoman serving alongside her husband as a military spouse and mother. This provided many opportunities to serve and support our nation’s finest, from care packages to mentoring to helping develop programs. There is nothing that matters to her more than giving back to the service, and to those who need her most: Veterans and our military. “I want to help provide critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded - physically or psychologically - after defending our safety and our freedom. I also want to inspire and motivate people, women and men alike, to overcome adversity & face their fears; to be courageous, to move forward in life and thrive, no matter what they've been through.”


“Lion Heart” is a testament to Michele’s amazing journey. It’s a song about overcoming adversity, facing your fears head on, and never backing down. It’s about remembering how powerful you are, no matter what. Michele’s music reflects not only her experiences facing many adversities in her own life, but also the strength and courage of a fighter, of a mother, of a woman. It’s a tribute not only to those who serve, but also to those who have who beaten the odds.


Michele hopes to use her music to spread her message far and wide in order to be an instrument of positive support for military and women everywhere!

Michele Dèniz is a veteran, singer/songwriter, military spouse and mother, and survivor.

Her debut single “Lion Heart” showcases her time in military service with the United States Air Force as well as her sacrifices as a military spouse and mother. After years of traveling around the world to support her family, Michele decided to pursue her life long dream of becoming a well-known and respected singer/songwriter and advocate for Veterans and the military. “Lion Heart” is not only a testament to that journey, but also to her incredible spirit and unwavering strength and courage. “Lion Heart” is about finding the courage within yourself to achieve the impossible. It’s about waking up to your full potential and realizing that you can achieve anything with hard work and determination.


“The military has shaped every aspect of my adult life and certainly of my music.”


After very tempestuous younger years, at the age of 17, she enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. She worked in Meteorology in the weather station and was trained for doing her job in the field if necessary. She even got to refuel a jet once midair and see what it was like to be a “Boom Operator.” She describes it as “exhilarating!” Michele exclaims that she felt a pride and sense of purpose she hadn’t experienced before in the Air Force. She worked hard earning an achievement medal and a Below the Zone (early) promotion to Senior Airman. These accomplishments made her feel “like I was going places and at the same time I was serving my nation.”


Michele Deniz - Singler, Songwriter, Veteran
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